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Farhad Babu
Jul 16, 2022
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Programmers, enthusiasts participate in this competition in the so-called drone racing league . Each team aims to develop the best artificial intelligence for their drone and compete in the artificial intelligence robotic racing circuit. In 2019, the mavlab team from the netherlands won us$1 million after their autonomous drone came in first place. This team is part of a drone research lab at delft university of technology, where they developed algorithms to drive their drone across the runway in a maximum completion time of 12 seconds, 25% faster than the drone of the second place. Amazon is working on a project that will surely be revolutionary: the use of drones as a means of home delivery . Its launch is scheduled to begin in the united states and they will offer a new option that we can select when e commerce photo editing service we want to receive our package. This option will be called prime air with an estimated delivery time of 30 minutes or less . Spain is not far behind, among the applications that are being carried out we find the one related to agriculture . The skydron company , based in valencia and madrid, complements the cultivation work through the use of drones. There are many advantages that it offers, such as being able to monitor the harvest; tailor-made fertilization; detect irrigation problems; locate pests; and control the state of the plant, healthy or sick; etc. As we have seen, ai drones are applied for a variety of use cases. The capabilities that a drone can acquire thanks to ai are immense. There is a great diversity of technologies that we can use to improve any activity that requires skill, in this case, from a “height perspective” and in real time . Likewise, the great potential of drones by collecting and processing all the information they see in their path, facilitates decision-making and helps us to be more
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